Welcome to Original Writing Wikia! Here's the list of rules

1. No Plagiarism, if you are caught plagiarizing once, you will receive a one-day ban, twice a week-long ban, and in three times your account will be blocked.

2. NSFW Content will not be tolerated. NSFW Content is only tolerated if it is put on the NSFW page, with a header.

3. Give Credit. If you are copying, then you must give credit to the original author.

4. No Inappropriate Chat. Of your chat is considered by 3 users as inappropriate, you will receive a chat ban.

5. Explicit Language Policy. You must put a warning on the top of the page if it contains any.

6. Make sure that your grammar and spelling are acceptable. If not, then your page will be removed and you will receive a message telling you. Small mistakes are alright. It's not alright if the entire story is full of mistakes. If you are questioning whether or not the story is acceptable feel free to post it to the story board.

7. No fanfictions please! That's what is for.

8. Be respectful in general. This is a community website that everyone uses, and we don't need people acting like they're five. this means

A. No cussing each other out through comments, message walls, or comments.

B. No defacing other stories. ie: erasing an entire story, and replacing it with "This Sux lololol" or the like.

9. Have fun! This is a wikia designed for people to write any kind of story or poem they want. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me (Supersatan25) or CrazyWords, or go to the Help Desk.